Dry stone walling course

Dry stone walling course

Looking forward to hosting this 5 day dry stone walling course in South Devon in late September 2021. Further 2/3 day courses will be available later and are being finalised. Let me know if you’d like to attend or require further information, it’s sure to be fun and educational.

From the course you will experience:

  • the importance and value of stone walls
  • working outdoors in a stunning location with people who have similar interests
  • creating a wall which will be standing for many years on a working farm
  • working at your own pace, there is no rush

You will learn:

  • stripping out an old wall
  • sorting and selecting stone
  • use of lines and pins for building the wall
  • building techniques, coarsed and random
  • the importance of batter in wall building
  • selecting foundation / larger stones for lower courses
  • tying in with existing walls
  • finishing off the top with cropping stones
  • an appreciation of different walling styles and different stone types